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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jeffrey Gundlach on AAPL

Mr Gundlach is a smart guy, expect when it comes to AAPL.

He embodies the superficial view that a lot of the big boys have, which can place an atypically large drag on the stock during times of perceived negativity.

Knowing his record and status on the street, I know his words are listened to, but some of the negative things he says are just so superficial, playing only to price action, and ignoring all fundamentals.

I just caught his interview on CNBC, and will post it when its available. What resonated out to me throughout the interview: a sensationalist permabear.

Glad Simon Hobbs called him out on the income growth thesis in relation to inflation. Income growth or job growth is also key because it mitigates his permabear thesis.

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  1. Short at will, Bozo. Many have tried, few successfully.