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Monday, April 23, 2012

fyi... timeless portfolio change

I will be making a change in my 'timeless portfolio'. I will switch F with DD.

Not going to capture it now. I will wait for DD to achieve between 50-51. (If the market comes in to the 1340 level, this should happen over the next few weeks. Especially give the weak EU PMI data.)

Even though Ford is disturbingly inexpensive at the current level, I don't know what kind of catalyst will make it trade higher. Despite better car sales and great cash flows, the market simply shuns the autos. (Unless Ford significantly boosts its dividend, which is something I thought they would have done by now.)

Unfortunately I am a hopeless optimist, and do not want the world to end, so I want exposure to an economically sensitive stock. But DD also offers a higher yield, which is nice from a long-term perspective.

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