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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AONE - battery spec

The stock has taking a beating. It is now below $1. I was never a fan of A123's business model. It was simply non-existent. The one highlight from their push downward was this take away regarding their push to the microhybrids (fancy for cars with stop-start technology):

"Microhybrids are a fast-growing new market. The global market for microhybrids could reach more than 39 million vehicles in 2017 and may create a $6.9 billion market for energy storage devices, according to Lux Research"

However, the best battery spec (or lottery ticket) for the microhybrids is AXPW.ob. Axion is in very late stages of testing their PbC tech, and at this point they are literally waiting for decisions to be made via the automakers. (Or so that was my impression from their annual release.)

AXPW.ob has about a years worth of funding, but it is a penny stock. But comparing one penny stock over the other, I'm in the Axpw.ob camp for microhybrids.

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