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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

interesting info... connecting the dots

I found the below pieces of information interesting:

1. Good video explaining some mitigated down side risks:

2. A repost of Jim Rogers indicating no hard landing in China.

3. Alcoa corroborating Chinese strength via their earnings report. (Not to mention the strength in Aerospace.)

I am having a hard time believing the market having allowed depressed levels of the oils, materials (ex-coal/nat gas) and industrials. The market was ridiculously wrong with Alcoa, and I think they were and are wrong with the rest. (We will see if the market was right over the next two weeks.)


  1. While certainly interesting, I don't find this gentleman's arguments consistent. S&P company earnings have gotten a tremendous tailwind from the weak dollar. With the euro going to parity, as predicted here, they would take a great hit. How does the euro get to parity with stocks only dropping 10% from their highs?

  2. You inspired a post :) I'm in the camp that thinks its needed, but do not expect a disaster from it, if done correctly.