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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

few thoughts... facebook, qcom

Facebook - The Instagram purchase effectively values Facebook at $75billion. Or at least that is what the largest and controlling shareholder thinks.  No wonder the underwriters were pissed when Zuckerberg made the unilateral decision (then board consent) to purchase Instagram. 

Now all the investors with out IPO shares have a basis for valuation.

QCOM - Like other tech companies, after earnings are reported, all of the sudden we see QCOM trading at a lower range PE level.

Despite the recent quarter's run up, many tech companies are now trading at interesting levels with respect to a trailing multiple perspective.  Below 64, QCOM looks really really interesting.

Generally speaking, barring a European catastrophe, from a multiple perspective, the tech stocks that sold-off, are setting up for another run.

I hope Europe has their shit together to prevent a meltdown, like allowing the Euro to systematically decline to facilitate growth for these peripheral economies. At least there is always a wall-of-worry to climb. 

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