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Monday, June 27, 2016

Trades - $aapl $amzn $bac $ibm $twtr

The collapse in the pound really fucked shit up for multinationals. All will see a hiccup over the next quarter or two. Regardless, there is still value in the names, and approaching technical inflection points. 

aapl - very oversold, and near support. May flush to low90/high80s.

amzn - resilient in this market, but they will take a hit on their revenues. Initial entry between 650-675. Heavy entry between 600-625.

bac - sell it off in pieces and the stock jumps to $16-17. With the bulk of its biz in America, thanks to sentiment in UK and decline in treasury yield, the stock declines. May go to $8, with no basis on the fundamentals. But may be at support when arbitrarily looking at the log chart.

ibm - scale in digital ad biz and health will begin to matter, but OMG the currency hit they will take.

twtr - stickers and fun stuff matter for engagement and new demographic of users. Now that these are rolling out, so will other engagment friendly things like live video filters. I am so bullish on them now. Seriously. This is their fundamental inflection point. TWTR has a dedicated-intellectual core user. They need to expand the demographic. Fun-to-use expands demographic.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Market Thought... Political Risk causing real economic hiccups

The implications of brexit will already be severe. The currency moves alone will mess with all multi-national revenues. The companies will also not wait from the Leave camp to straighten their shit out. Finance jobs are already leaving, so are auto jobs. The Gov has two years to leave, barring parliment votes against the leave. Because of all the complex issues, and the seemingly lack of preparation (and flat out lies) from the Leave camp, the UK looks to be in for a lost 2-10 years.

The market seems to be punishing the Leave camp, and will continue to do so, especially since a slow down awaits. But the markets are not trading like the EU will disintegrate, and i tend to believe the market on this one. The vix is simply not as high as the past concerns with a disintegrated EU. 

No question the EU has flaws, but it was easer to see a country with out the Euro vote against the EU vs a country that has adopted the Euro. Example: Greece. A country's people suffered the most of all member states, yet they chose to stay.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Charts - $spy $fb $sq

Market is held hostage to the Brexit polls until the 23rd. 

$fb to 102 or 95?

$sq if it holds it would be nice and bullish. But then again its a Dorsey production. (Im already long, looking to add.)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Market Thought... Negative yield vortex $spy $vix $tnx

SP500 at daily support.

But $tnx broke support.

Vix indicates a move to 18 before market flushes out. (Higher high trend since April.)

Plenty of SP500 support near 2070, and via monthly 2050

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Charts - $bac updated

The 10yr yield correlation slowly breaking with bac having a premium.

Makes sense given the risk to tangible book value has significantly mitigated this quarter. Oil is at 9-12 month highs, and consequently so are Junk bonds.

The expectation is that tangible book remains in tact at 16.20. If tbv continues its 2yr trend, it should increase a bit.

While treasuries are depressed, GDP Now is still elevated at 2.5%. And bac is trading 12% below tbv.