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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

notable chatter this week - mobile payments

The most notable web chatter this week is, without a doubt, mobile payments. I just see article after article highlighting the services and potential.

The most obvious winners are MA, V and AXP as they will still be the backbone to the majority of the offerings. And even if they are not, an option for their services will still be present. (IMO, they got the better brand for mass marketing for people like me who do not care for PayPal.)

The only problem with the credit card names is that their multiples have expanded with recent positive earnings reports.  For instance, I follow and trade MA. Its trailing multiple has expanded toward 28, the higher side of its range, and it is very overbought. Both are not the type of conditions I want to see making an initial entry.

The chatter this week is too strong to ignore, and it speaks volumes to industry trends.  As MA consolidates, I will look to play longer-dated call options on MA.

(I really like AXP also, as they really are making good headway via social and the local space, but the growth of their processing biz just does not compare to V or MA.)

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