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Thursday, February 16, 2012

AAPL - trading dynamic

It took two days to ease the overbought condition. The hot money was selling feverishly the last two days. Amazing for a company this size. (Look how the bottom oscillators came down.)

From a fundamental perspective, the stock will forever be undervalued in relation to its revenue and earnings growth, but from a trailing PE perspective, at 488 its at 13.90.

I am paying close attention to its trading dynamic here. (I also started entering light call options.) If Apple decides to base around the high 480s and mid 520s, that would be healthy. More importantly, that would support the thesis that the market, in general, will start trading at a higher multiple.

From trading perspective, AAPL should gradually move toward 530 as quarter comes to a close.  (But it may have periods of volatility due to product announcements.)

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