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Monday, February 27, 2012

Google is making a mistake

Andy Rubin indicated Google will build a 'firewall' between Android and Motorola.

That is a huge mistake. That is not my opinion, that is the opinion of the DATA. The data being Apple controlling 2/3 profits of the mobile space. That is the data where Apple's iPhone business is worth more then all of MFST and Google businesses combined.

I am simply shocked a company that focuses so much on data is blatantly ignoring the data set staring them in the face.  It is fascinating to witness such a mis-step. I hope it is just rhetoric for the other OEMs.

The strategies Microsoft and Google have taken are simply giving Apple control of the mobile space, and the longer they dick around, the more control Apple will have. (I am an Apple fanboy, so I do not mind this, but from a competitive stand point, this view point is quite ridiculous.)

I was about to write a post on why, after the MMI acquisition closes, Google would be in the best position to compete with Apple, detailing Google's competitive aspects and the few weaknesses.  But after seeing this comment from Rubin, Google will remain far from a competitive threat to Apple's profits in the mobile space.

Now I have to witness Google's actions vs their rhetoric in order to be more bullish on Google. (Because right now, Google seems to be seriously missing the threat Apple's mobile presence presents to them.)

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