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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ann Winbald on tech trend

The most interesting statement from her video (its on a CNBC ad loop), "the next big thing... are the growth companies... that leverage the commoditization of storage and hardware..."

As soon I saw her interview in the morning, I immediately thought of FIO (and, of course, IBM). FIO leverages commoditized flash memory market to facilitate real-time Big Data analytics and data center efficiency.

Yesterday, an analyst came out highlighting Intel's efforts to commoditize the very thing Fusion-io does.  My response to such a well-paid analyst was 'no shit'. Intel has been trying to do the same type of commoditization to the MacAir, with their Microsoft Premium thin notebook computers, but has not threatened the MacAir. Any technology that stays stagnant is threatened with commoditization, but FIO is in the position to keep innovating and utilizes the commoditization to its advantage.

I am looking to add to my position in FIO. Probably around 25.

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