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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Microsoft reactive nature continues

More evidence just trickles along, by the day, proving Microsoft needs new management. We all know Ballmer laughed off the iPhone and the iPad, then shifted the mobile offering to be more like Apple's offering. Now we have more evidence of their 'reactive' nature.

Over the weekend, a blog post has been circulating the tech sphere suggesting how Microsoft really fucked up, with Office and the strategy in general.

Today, coincidentally enough, the iPad version has popped up, even though it has been ready since november. (see here)

Corporate translation to the above scenario: Shit, we are getting mocked, and assumed to be irrelevant. Leak proof that we do have the Office for iPad ready.

Real world reaction to the leak: Shoulder shrug. The damage is done.

Microsoft is in a sprint, and they are content being in third.  As an investor, I am just not a fan of this strategy. If Microsoft acted as a product leader, and stopped reacting to almost every popular product, I would really like the company.


  1. LAS VEGAS -- Listening to Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer last night hyperventilate about the company's supposedly stupendous future as purveyor of the planet's life-altering experiences was not unlike watching a heavyset, middle-aged guy strutting through a pulsating club, telling all the slinky, 20-something women how hot he looks in a Speedo.

    That about says it for me.