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Friday, January 6, 2012

Thanks Mr Cramer

For whatever reason I have been particularly tuned to Cramer's tone on AAPL over the past few months. (Maybe because it is hard to ignore his comments at 9am as the market begins to open. That time slot is just too big of a soapbox for such a loud guy.)  I highlighted each time he changed his tone, and tried to pin point what fundamentally changed within the company or stock. (see here)

Obviously, the only thing that changed was the stock price due to a 28% beat in earnings vs a 32% expected beat in earnings last quarter.

This morning, Cramer has gotten more bullish on the stock.  So what has changed since? The only change is that the stock is now at 420 again. LOL.

He uses the classic bullish cases that he ignored a few weeks ago: 4S demand and low multiple.

If anyone listened to the bullshit that was recklessly stated regarding AAPL over the past few weeks, you missed a +50 point move.

Its just funny how this game works.

Ultimately this post is to thank Cramer for exaggerating a downward move in AAPL, and allowing me to benefit. Thank you Mr Cramer.


  1. Not a comment on this post, but a question to someone whose views I take seriously. In your opinion, is NFLX a buy or sell here? Can anyone know?

    I do hope you'll enjoy weighing in here.

    Best wishes to you in the New Year.

  2. Thanks for the new year wished, and I don't mind. I will take a closer look at NFLX's techincals and highlight the macro fundamentals.

    (It was one of my momentum names I use to follow closely, as a market indicator, but once it broke down, the indicator function was destroyed.)