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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

muzzlling santelli and SOPA

If only the muzzle actually prevented him from at least shouting in the AM. (I'm just that kind of guy that does not like crazy loud morning talk.)

If you are a relatively-angry well-to-do pro tea-partier, I am sure his words resonate well.

The dynamic of the SOPA debate is so fascinating. Many politicians allowed the bill to get to a certain point, but when many of the tech influencers saw it had a legitimate chance at passing, it took the web less than weeks to effectively kill the bill.

The cost dynamics are also fascinating. Think about how much the content providers spent on lobbyist and basically buying politicians and former politicians to bring the bill to almost passing.  Then compare that with the actual cost of killing the bill. (Hundreds of thousands of dollars vs about $0.)

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