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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I am, and will be, in a more day-trading mind-set for some time. (I have too much slack to pick up due to AAPL's affect on my portfolio.)

1. I covered the market protection. (The SP500 is at the low end of my trading range.)

2. I closed the oil short. (Will look to pick it back up after a potential bounce from its 20SMA. It may collapse to the 38SMA then bounce. Regardless, where ever it bounces I will most likely pick the short back up.)

3. Gonna enter IBM at the mid 161 to low 162 level.

4. AAPL had a nice bounce from the open, and shows a change in trend. I am not being shy day-trading this today. (Buy on weakness, sell on strength. But if it maintains below 330, I will have to sell and regroup.)

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