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Thursday, April 7, 2011

not happy

Considering I measure my performance with the previous day, I have been left frustrated over the past couple of days.

So long as my portfolio value is higher than the day before I know I am doing well. (Granted, there are times when this shifts due to market conditions like the 'nuke meltdown threat'.) But no matter how much I trade, at least in two accounts, my  portfolio values keeps getting knocked because of AAPL.

Its most frustrating. And since I am only as good as my previous performance, right now I am sucking.

UPDATED on 04/09/2011 to correct the cash-per-share and trailing EPS number: (For anyone who does not think AAPL has not been seeing a value compression, just do the numbers.  Backing out the $63.98/share in short-long term cash and equivalents, AAPL has a trailing PE of 15.3... [338-63]/17.91 = 15.35) 

Just an FYI... I re-entered LLNW. It approached its 10SMA, and jumped in due the intra-day action. (Considering my frustration with AAPL, I may find myself day trading it or selling it around 7.40-7.50)

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