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Monday, April 25, 2011

some thoughts... aol, f

AOL - The other day I indicated I entered AOL. Its been on my radar ever since Tim Armstrong took it over. Since then, they have transitioned fairly nicely, and have been positioning themselves (I think) pretty well.

The one thing I am super curious about, but can not dig up any information on, is how their (Groupon clone) is doing.  I am curious to know if they are leveraging the concept against mapquest or Patch or other subscription bases that they have with other local properties. (I look at Travelzoo and see how well they were able to leverage their travel subscription business to enter the local deals market.  The awesome execution is reflected in their reported numbers, and stock.)  I would love to see AOL execute with such a fashion, along their great brand strategy.

The entry point was guided by the chart. I think it is positioned to push higher toward 22-23.  (A continued push higher will be dictated on their execution.)

F -  I have been actively trading Ford since actively since their secondary at 4.15, and writing about it.  It is reporting before the bell, and it is interesting here.  I think they will have nice profitability due to the auto production issues, but how the market reacts will be interesting.

If the numbers are really good, and it sees a pop toward 17, I may unload some. (But I plan on maintaining a position for the future dividend announcement. The numbers suggest a +$1.0 within a year. If the street reacts poorly I do not think 14.50 will be breached, unless they are really bad.

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