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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


There maybe a trend forming with AAPL. Pop in the AM, and sell off throughout the day.  This makes sense given the index pressure it faces for the month. The consistency of the decline is telling.

However, the SP 500 and the Qs have a similar intraday, just not as exaggerated. (A day does not make a pattern.)

My goal here is to try to unveil every manipulative pattern that I see so that the closet indexers of the Qs get fucked selling off AAPL at these low levels due to their closet indexing ways. (Cause money managers that simply mimic an index should not be money managers! But I am sure they are pretty pissed for being forced to sell AAPL at these levels. All they have to do is to stop pegging themselves to the Qs, and become real money managers.)

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