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Friday, April 15, 2011

an AAPL heads up

Over the weekend I will be posting a detailed re-evaluation of my AAPL trade. Basically it will be a summary of everything I know about AAPL, and where I potentially screwed up or didn't. Basically, a learning exercise.

I continuously re-evaluate my positions, so if you have been following my blog, the answers will be fairy obvious.

I wanted to give the potatoes before the trading day ends, but the meat will come over the weekend.

I re-positioned my AAPL calls to Oct. I will not sell regardless of any weakness. At current prices, especially when factoring in the current quarters cash position after they report, the price of AAPL effectively discounts any growth it is currently seeing and any future growth.

(There are two explanations to this. One is simply the mechanics of the market, the other is far more sinister.)

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