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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

some action... SPY, IBM, DIS, AOL

Nice action today, thanks to the solid earnings.

1. I repositioned my market puts to the July 134 SPY Puts.

2. Actively trading IBM.  Super cheap, but that is all relative. I bought a bunch of calls in the AM, and sold a few just now into the after noon strength. Will maintain what I have now, or re-enter if it gets weaker. (I just worry about next week, the SPY-Vix overlay that I highlighted last week is present again. And as the fuel of strong earnings dissipates, the cautiousness highlighted in 'swimming in it' will persist.)

3. Sold DIS. (Will look to re-enter, but its at the resistance points I mentioned in 'my easter basket' post.)

4. I entered AOL. I am a fan of the technical set up. It looks to want to break out toward 22-23. More on this later.

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