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Monday, April 18, 2011

my easter basket

Here are the stocks I am waiting for, out side of the usual and already mentioned names (ie AAPL, IBM, GOOG etc)...

ATI - With market weakness, I would like to grab some between 62-64. It looks really nice right not, and 64 may not break due the SMA trend. But with a lowering tide, I am hoping the market allows ATI to trade closer to 62. (Looking to sell around 66-67, for the trade.)

DIS - Been waiting for a while on this one. I just really like the brand, and current leadership. It has entered an area technically that I really like, while being oversold. The valuation is pretty good too. Since Jan 2011, and before the credit crisis, it has consistently traded with a trailing PE around 19.  The patterned suggests DIS should be trading around 42-43, and if they issue a really good report, they can see 47 and maintain a trailing PE of 20.  (I bought it today as it approached 40.55, and will look to sell around 43. Or ride it out as they report.)

ITRI - A pure play on the smart-grid, via the meter side. They have seen a tremendous multiple contraction.  A lot of that is due to the slow adoption via the States, but that will change once a standard is developed.  Talks started in Feb.  I am waiting 51-52 to enter. (The chart is not pretty here, and I will be actively trading it. But for the 'buy-hold' types, this puppy will be higher 1-2yrs out after standards are established and smart-grid adoption kicks into high gear.)

LLNW - It has shown very good strength these past few trading days, including today. I thought a weak market would allow me to enter around 6.75 via an exaggerated decline from its SMA support. But not yet. Keeping a close eye it. (Sell around 7.50, for the trade.)

MF - I am waiting to enter around 8.10. (Sell around 8.8-9, for the trade.)

PBR - I want to add at 36. I was very tempted to add today. (This position I will look to sell around low 39. Will maintain the current position until after they announce a gas price hike.)

POT - Looking to enter POT around 51-52.

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