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Friday, September 9, 2011

patiently waiting... QCOM, AAPL, POT, IBM, BAC, GOOG, SU, AXP

(I am finally at my computer(s). Personal priorities were longer then anticipated, and surprise family issues, took me from where I was suppose to be today. If anyone from the thing visits here, my apologies. Hell, my personal life was so hectic these past few weeks I completely forgot about a planned Mets game tonight with a bunch of ex co-works. Even though I don't like the Mets, I really wanted to go and have a good time with friends. But there is always a violin playing somewhere...)

Now that we are on the precipice of another end-of-world situation, I am looking for the following.

AAPL - Acting pretty well in the face of this situation. The market is recognizing its balance sheet, product demand and overall strength as a company. It may push 360-365 (if we are lucky), on blind selling.

AXP - The credit card debt biz is strong, and the conversion to cash-to-alternative is a mega trend. AXP has been acting pretty well too, but I am hoping the 45 area is seen.

BAC - With further market weakness, BAC may re-test its recent low. I will add there. (American banks will not suffer the EU tragedy. They are too well positioned.)

GOOG - Waiting for GOOG to go below 500.  The only concern here is that AMZN showed the world how to use Google and basically cut them out of the Android loop. (Although Google will still benefit from mobile surfing.) But below 500 the stock discounts a lot more then just the AMZN threat.

IBM - Anyone reading this blog knows how much I like IBM, and the reasons. They are in all the right places and acting all the right ways. Now is an awesome value, but it may see 158ish.

POT - Ag is a mega-trend. Just look at the farmland prices. With market weakness, POT may see added weakness on Monday's crop report. Everyone knows Ag is a mega trend, so it may take an added it. Looking for the low 50s.

QCOM - Directly positioned to benefit off of the largest cell phone launch in history via the iPhone 5. Now is a great entry for QCOM, but with market negativity, I am looking to add near the mid-high 40s.

SU - A lot is being discounted here already, but as oil moves, so moves SU. Down side here maybe limited, barring an actual credit freeze. Looking for 27ish.

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