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Monday, September 26, 2011

Market Thought... drift and aapl

Ignoring the noise, and just looking at the technicals, the SP500 should drift toward 1180.

It should not act as strong resistance, but it is a resistance point none-the-less. Anywhere between 1180 and 1220 the market players will be in the 'macro-economic' top-down debate of a potentially more aggressive slow down.

But as I have consistently stated before, if the market starts to close above 1220, the negativity will begin to shift, and the top-down aggressive slowdown argument will begin to shift.

And just a side not on AAPL. Looks like it managed to maintain its momentum support. Tomorrow and the next few days should be interesting.


  1. If this is a "drift", what would a "spike" look like? ;-)


  2. I have gotten desensitized. Anything below a 4% move is a drift now a days. :)