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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Neel Kashkari wanna hire me? :)

I just saw an interview with Neel Kashkari on Strategy Session on CNBC.

He indicated that he can not find portfolio managers that truly encompass global macro-environment risk toward creating and managing a portfolio. Well, he has not looked hard enough, or at least not at the 'little-fish' subsection of traders. (How can anyone ignore the little fish? :)

Neel, this whole blog is a resume of what your looking for.  Staying up-to-date on geopolitical and global macro-economic event/data, along with a deep understanding of individual companies associated with secular growth trends is what I do.  Just take a look at the 'markets' tag and go through them. (Recent favorites were my Listen to the Thunder  or Pricing a Credit Crunch posts.)

What say you Neel? :)

I figure a job with PIMCO would be a good plan B. But, something tells me I am gonna stick with plan A, start a fund. ;)

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