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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Axion's new white paper

Over the weekend John Petersen highlighted a white paper published by Axion showcasing the superiority of PbC. The white paper is timely, as Axion has an investor presentation on the 13th.

The white paper is linked in the Investor section, under "Charge Acceptance Solution White Paper". Anyone invested in AXPW.ob, and is not sure how the PbC technology differentiate a lead-acid battery, the white paper is a must read.

As an engineer, I thought the tech and read to be interesting.  As an investor, I thought 'how in the world is JCI not actively trying to buy Axion given its focus on the stop-start market'. (And before anyone laughs at the concept of JCI buying a micro cap stock for the technology, they have done it recently for demand response.  Except AXPW.ob has a proven product, with manufacturing facilities established, big name partners already in play and a sizable market potential that JCI knows very well.)

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