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Thursday, September 22, 2011

our leadership has failed us

Our entire leadership, ALL, every single one of them have failed us.  Every time one of them speak on TV and simply spew their partisan bullshit, they fail us.

I did not vote for a politician to squabble and spew bullshit on TV. (Job creators on strike?!? The unemployment rate was LOWER under HIGHER fucking taxes, and the GOP wants to use this argument to not tax the wealthy?!?!?  Obama comes on TV to call for unity, and uses divisive words in the same sentence!?!?!)

Our current leadership seems like a bunch of assholes.

Here is a list of assholes: 

congress = assholes

senate = assholes

White House = assholes

I do not want to hear why "someone" else is to blame. I am sick of that talk.  Our leaders need to lead or get the fuck out of the way!

Once I heard the leaderless Boehner speak this afternoon, it just confirmed just how big of assholes all of them are. I become so disgusted, I sold off ITRI (for a 30% loss!!!!), and added to SPY put protection. Even though I think SPY protection here is ridiculous, and selling ITRI pissed me off at current levels. (This is a real investor taking real action because of their dickiness.)

I am in only a few names now, that are not dependent on US growth or leadership.

BGCP (for the yield)
AXPW.ob (as a pure spec play)
Short FXE
Short the SPY

My attitude will shift once I see signs of "assholeness" decline.

(I am not upset because I am doing poorly. On the contrary, I covered a lot of my losses since I was on vacation and I am near my highs for the year, despite the massive declines. My methodology and strategy is doing very well.)

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