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Monday, March 15, 2010

Trades - SGG and AAPL

The most frustrating, inefficient method of trading is what I am doing right now. (And I thought I was already just 'getting by' before. Before I was limited in my day-trading capacity, but still very effective and able to make day-trades with out severe issues. Picking away a certain trades. But now, its a 'knife-in-a-machine-gun-fight'.)

For instance:

1. SGG is a buy right here. It could be a day-trade or a short-term trade. But it is very oversold, clearly very negative. (would like to have real-time info for this trade, so I am probably not going to take it. Last time I played SGG it turned out to be a day-trade, then it broke down to its current level)

2. AAPL - have been waiting to add, and now I did. I will continue to add Jan 2011 calls on weakness. (Would have liked real-time info to execute the options trade, but made do with a grossly inefficient options pricing guesstimate as per my Stockcharts and Yahoo's real-time quotes... awesome!)


  1. Doesnt your broker give live quotes in their website?

  2. real-time quotes are everywhere. But the tic-to-tic action, watching the bid/ask, via key stocks (in relation to real-time market action) and watching real time option bid/ask w/the movement of the underlining security (for option trading) on one screen is not.

    If I wasn't working for a top 50 (if not top 10) fortune 500 company, with a solid IT infrastructure, I probably wouldn't have this problem. I would be able to use one of the multiple platforms from the multiple brokers I use. But the platform I was using (for the above) would go through the firewalls. The access still appears to go through the firewall, but the java version needed to run the program i can not download via the networked XP.