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Friday, March 19, 2010


(apologies for not uploading the CHK chart last night... went out and was too tired by the time I got to a computer. I will post a NatGas and CHK technical assessment this weekend.)

I decided to re-adjust my IBM holdings. With all the fear mongering (CNBC is getting a bit ridiculous on it) going on via the 3.8% higher tax rate on investment income, dividend plays are and, will probably, take the most beating from the Health Care bill passing. That beating will be completely unjustified.

There are only two simple rules when trading/investing:

1. Don't lose money

2. Don't think about taxes in an investment strategy

(If taxes really mattered, there would be no day traders in this world as they are taxed the highest. Taxes are not at a crippling rate, I don't care how much the cry babies want to cry about it, their tears can be better spent crying about something else.)

I will reposition the long-term IBM holding to incorporate to total value amount of that position to the 'timeless' portfolio. The portolio includes IBM, BKE, NAT, KMP and F. (Will purchase IBM 120 Jan 2011 calls to maintain the equivalent upside exposure to IBM.)

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