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Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Targets

With the current market, I have to established new entry points for the names I want to go heavy in.

1. GOOG - 520 is definitely a floor. It may go to 530s with a declining market.

2. GS - around 157-158. (Some really nice action today.)

3. IBM - around 124. A case can be made that there is support here, but with a declining market a lower tide will lower all boats, and the 124 level is where the tide might take IBM.

4. Apple - This one is a bit tricky. I want to say the 204 level, but conservatively speaking its 200. (I will act on some at the 204 level.)


  1. You're playing with the big boy stocks. How bout a couple medical resident's salary type stocks. ;)

  2. The only difference in buying 2k worth of a crappier stock vs. 2k worth of a really good one is that one set of 2k is crappier than the other.

    play the % increase as per the dollar amount your trading/investing, not how many shares of a company you own.

    (then you won't care about your salary cause u'll make money when ever you want, and give me free medical care :)