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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trade - CHK

CHK looks very interesting here. But there is obviously major selling going on in the name. It looks like major holders are just throwing it away. Looking at NatGas, its understandable. NatGas looks to want to head toward the mid-3s, if not retest its low. Which could mean CHK tests 20ish.

Some major support is breaking, and w/the daily chart, already broke. (will post charts later today)

Will look to enter CHK around 22, or when I get the sense that NatGas is simply too low. (Fundamentally it is too low, but technically it can go lower. And to give credit to where credit is due, CHK management call the double bottom in NatGas months ago in their CC. Hence there decision to divest in some Oil drilling. But I don't care for their 'oil' drilling, I care for their NatGas prospects.)

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