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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Potential Trades

1. Sugar (SGG) - From what I gather via media searches, orders are being canceled by major buyers (i do not have the ability to access real-time commodity trades), hoping to catch the bottom.

Regardless of what is being traded, anytime I see things like this history has taught me the bottom is very near. Fundamentally, sugar production is up, but all the reports I have seen still indicate a deficit within the commodity. (meaning more demand than supply).

I bought it at higher levels, but I am strongly considering doubling up.

2. GOOG - Let the dust settle, but this is a buying opportunity. I can argue support via the technicals at current levels, but the media attention for this issue is too strong at the moment. Especially now that we have seen Android get affected by this. (China mobile operators are probably so pissed right now. There is no real competition for the iPhone in China. Good for AAPL and China Unicom.) I will be entering GOOG as oversold conditions develop, and the dust settles.

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