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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

speculative - AXPW.ob

If anyone follows anything about batteries, they know about John Petersen and his blog. (really good info., started following him with his seeking alpha articles, but i prefer his older picture better:)

The man knows his stuff, and his persistence push of acid-lead batteries (aka AXPW.ob) has made me a follower of the name, despite my liking to lithium and SQM.

Today the stock is indicating a change in trend, and it looks to want to break from its multi-month downtrend. There could be a sizable spike in the name, and given its low level, I think it is worth the risk here.

Look how it is breaking from the 20 SMA, which has been consistently keeping the stock down. And in early Feb to present, there has been a stable consolidation. Could see 1.60 or even 2.00 if some positive info develops.

At the current state of the company, AXPW.ob is purely a trade.

FYI... my opinion is that SQM is the better investment, and AXPW.ob is purely speculative.

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