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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Windows Mobile Market Place is closing!!!

Holy crap, do you believe it? Yup. Read the article.

"But wait", you ask, "didn't they just develop a mobile platform?" Yup!

Confused? If you are, this is why Microsoft has been losing mobile market share to iOS and Android.

A consequence of a 'reactive' management style.  It is quite fascinating to see the variations in organizational structure between competing companies:

1. Apple - super organized, a game plan and executes very very well. (This is pretty much across the board.  Although there were exceptions, ie Mobile Me.)

2. Google (specific to mobile) - fairly organized, a loose game plan and poor communication with OEMs. (Although, to be fair, Google has taken a ton of action to improve their organization and communication, even though the street does not recognize these efforts yet.)

3. Microsoft (in general) - react to whatever the best of breed is doing, then add some differentiation to call the Microsoft product unique.

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