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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Google ecosystem

With in my post 'Google needs to Wake Up' post, I am actively looking to play Google.  It has lagged its peers, and if Google can show it can compete with Apple within mobile and tablets, the market will reward it.  In relation to the type of move its peers have had, the reward could be a stock appreciation of 10-20%, pending overall market conditions at the time.

Today was an interesting first step.  Google re-branded the Android Market place with 'Google Play'.

Basically, it seems like iCloud. Nothing really new, but the marketing angle is important.

Still looking for from Google:

1. A game plan to make Motorola more efficient. (Despite the 'firewall' bullshit, a Googler will be running Motorola once the deal closes. I think Google is insightful enough to see the obvious needed for improvement.)

2. Create a far more efficient and better communication via OEMs to push Android updates with little time differential. (If the next version of Android is ready, let your OEMs know before the rest of the world so the OEMs have time to update their software.)

3. I do not want to see any, and I mean any, fragmentation issues with Motorola once the deal is closed.

4. Google will really have an opportunity to be a viable competitor with respect to premium tablets. (But we have to see reduced fragmentation, and seamless updates on software updates.)  With a proper ecosystem in place (via Google Play), Google can really shine here via a premium product.

Google has an obvious opportunity with the phone, but as a well funded player, with a proper unified ecosystem on its side, it can be a true competitor to the iPad (if it has a proper handle on manufacturing efficiencies).

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