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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

hmmm... GOOG

Surprised to see Google acting relatively weak today.  Its at a long-term resistance, but with such a strong market I would have thought the market strength would have facilitated a break out.

Who knows, maybe the market players are starting to see the 'answer' engine threat highlighted in mid Oct.  But now more influential tech bloggers are highlighting the nastiness of Google's search output vs WolframAlpha. (I saw the link via DaringFireball the other day.)

I think this weakness is just due to technical resistance, but the 'answer' engine will definitely be a very real threat in 2012 as Siri's API becomes available, and when WolframAlpha incorporates other APIs into its database. (As it did with BestBuy.) The threat will especially be true if Siri becomes available with Apple TV later in 2012.

In the meantime, GOOG should breakout as they report for the quarter.  May approach 670 before the threat is truly realized by the bigboys.

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