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Saturday, October 1, 2011

iPhone rumor mill - a collection

The rumors for the Oct 4th meeting has reached quite a tipping point. Frankly, everyone has worked themselves up in a frenzy and no one knows what to believe.

Here is a rundown:

1. Al Gore lit the chatter on multiple phones when he said "iPhones" doing a speech on Sept 21st.  That suggests a tiered phone offering similar to what they have now.

2. Cases were leaked, and have been circulating China for some time. This lead to some impressive devotion to reverse engineer the specs to create the physical shell. (Looks good.)

3. The multiple phone chatter started to die down last week with an analyst refuting the claim. Then a combination of assessments from supplier and the invitation itself, and a product name in an iTunes Beta that is for iPhone 4S (which assumes no re-fresh design and one new phone).

So we have chatter that suggests multiple phones, one phone, a new design and no new design. If this was an equation, (1-1+1-1=0), were are in the same spot we were in before the rumors.

I don't care about these rumors. I truly don't. I just know the company.  Their product transitions, since the iPod, has been to have multiple lines, maintaining price points while improving innovation.  And the fact that the company is never obvious.

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