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Friday, July 8, 2011

US jobs

The market is obvious taking a hit due to the headline number. I am not a fan of the report either, but for me the biggest take away was how the report does not jive with the retail and ADP data.

(report breakdown)

1. +57K private secotor

2. There is little record of growth for the auto hires (+0.9K) that took place. (Adds to the not jiving thesis)

3. Not a fan of the Ave weekly Earnings. It declined from $791.20 to $788.56.

The market has every reason to go down today. (Hopefully I can get back into IBM, GOOG and others with this move.  Remembering this is one piece of the equation. Its Global GDP that matters for stocks, not just US GDP.)


  1. I'm responsible for 15 out of the 57k. - G

  2. nice. we just need to pin point the other 56,985 :)