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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Market Thought... nothing new except for POT, ATI and ITRI

There seems to be continued follow through, as highlighted in my appropriately named Market Though post 'follow through' :) The weekly SP500 chart suggest a bounce off of the SMAs it currently is sitting on.

Basically, I do not see anything new, with the exception of the political side removing two big certainties. First, being the EU and the handling of Greece. Second, the debt ceiling being raised. (Looks like no one wants to be the asshole.)

Although I am still bullish, I did take some trades off the table. For instance, POT reached the 61 mark after breaking out of its negative trend.  I will re-enter on a consolidation.

I also took some ATI off, but will not sell the remaining until 68 is seen. (I think it gets there fairly quickly considering the plane orders coming through.)

Some interesting smart-grid news came out of Europe yesterday. A huge level of growth will be seen though 2016 due to EU energy targets. This bodes very well for ITRI, and the stock has moved a few points since highlighted. (IMO, this one could be a buy-and-hold for at least 2-3 years, but of course I will be actively trading it.)

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