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Monday, July 25, 2011

trades... DIS

Too many things to look at, and with out tic-by-tic, I can't take advantage of multiple names.

1. I got into DIS. (i'll have more detail on this tonight)

2. I am waiting on AXP. Would like to make an initial entry near 51, and a second position at the 76SMA.

3. Waiting on IBM to reach the low 180s, or 10SMA, for an initial entry position.

4. Would have day-traded AAPL this morning, hence the above comment. (I still have a position in AAPL. Not selling this position until the price is around 420 or so.)

There is more, but only so much I can look at with my current limited access. (That will change come Aug 12th.)

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