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Thursday, July 14, 2011

some thoughts... AAPL, GOOG

1. AAPL - another report about the potential expansion in China. First it was China Mobile presenting a $70B revenue opportunity. Now its China Telcom presenting a $9B opportunity.  Apple has an $80B revenue opportunity in China alone. (I do not know how investors who question the company's growth potential can maintain a straight face.)

2. GOOG - I am actively trading the second position on GOOG. While I will hold onto the initial position through out earnings. (I got burned a long time ago holding too many call options in GOOG into earnings, and I will not find myself in that position again.) If GOOG does take a hit after they report today, I will enter on Friday. If they don't, I will let the position I hold into earnings ride toward 560 or so.

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