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Friday, January 14, 2011

I wonder sometimes

There is no mystery to the stocks, market or the economy. It is a pretty straight forward thing. You just got to find the information, know its relevance and have the balls to act.

Sometimes the information is right in front of our face, but many choose to ignore it (for whatever reason).

Today, IBM's research arm issued a eye-brow raising report. There is no need to get the entire thing to understand the implications of what the teaser numbers, they give us, mean.

Small and Mid sized businesses drive the US economy. If they will expand cloud and analytic services, it will be good for these providers in 2011. (i.e. The market is not giving names like IBM, RHT, CRM and other cloud names enough credit.)

Obviously we can view the study as self-serving, but IBM usually uses its research to drive its direction in business. So I would say its more objective then many would otherwise think.

Updated 10:40am 1/14/2011 - I figure I add an article about IT adoption rate for utilities this year to the above argument. Enjoy.

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