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Friday, January 7, 2011

A few thoughts...

1. AAPL - 1 M Mac App Store downloads with in 24hrs!!!! I was one of them. It was quick, efficient and easy. I am a fan, but that is coming from an established Apple fan-boy.

Simple extrapolations tells you how big this thing can be. Assume 1M downloads a day (but that should grow) with an average of $1 per download (but it should be more cause the prices range pretty heavily). Taking the 30% into account, that is ($1M x 365 x .30) $109M a year to the bottom line. That's awesome.

Then, when you think of the level of intangibles that this will create, the value is far more than $109M in added hardware sales. Earnings estimates, for this year, are far too low for AAPL.

With today's decline, I entered a light position in the April 320 calls.

2. PBR - It consolidated nicely, and with Oil's consolidation (and sitting on support w/an oversold condition), I liked adding PBR here.

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