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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bullish on IBM?

If you are not, re-assess your position because the company's management sure is. They are about to give hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stock to its employees. Technically its only $1000 worth of stock, but they have some 400,000 employees. So even if half are eligible, that is $200M dollars.

This is significant. Basically management is saying they see a significant appreciation in their share price over the next 5 year. (ie They are basically raising their growth estimates. Which means higher multiples, and a much higher stock price.)

IBM is arguable the best capital-allocators on the street. They know when to take on debt, they know what ratios maximize company growth, they know how to return capital via dividends and share buybacks. So when they do something like this, it means something.

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