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Sunday, January 2, 2011

anonymous no more

With the new year, comes identity.

My name is Themistoklis Zacharatos (but everyone can still call me echo :) I am currently a manager at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. My group project-manages manufacturing discrepancies for Prevnar. Basically we analyze manufacturing issues to find a data-driven root cause, proper corrective actions and assess product quality. (The mentality of trading and assessing risk is actually pretty complimentary to the job function, and has helped me move rapidly upward within the organization. Even after the threat of termination.)

In university I wanted to learn about molecular electronics and alternative energies, hence studied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; but I always had an obsession with current events and the markets. So I read, watched and listened, then read some more, educating myself on economics and the fundamentals of the markets.

I had the misfortune, or fortune, to graduate university (New York University and Stevens Institute of Technology) during the 2002 recession. Despite graduating with honors, the job market was so crappy and demoralizing, the lack of opportunity en-grained in me a sense of self-dependency. Since 2002, I have been continuously observing current events, attempting to understand their effects and attempting to monetize the understanding. I created a methodology that gives me a relative independence. (I use ‘relative’ because I am now married :)

I am hoping the lack of anonymity will give the blog more credibility, and eventually be a communication forum for a partnership. (The partnership will be predicated on complete transparency, so it is only fitting that I remove the anonymity.)

The information on this blog has always been (and will always be) about what I would do or what I see within the markets, stocks or events. It is not advice. I am proud of the quality of information given on this blog. (Although I do recognize the grammatical errors and typos are a bit much at times. But this is a consequence of not sacrificing quality on my work performance for Pfizer, and ensuring the trade executions are correct.)

Its a pleasure to introduce myself to all of you :)

happy trading


  1. Theo,


    I am sure, Your dreams will come true - keep up the Good Work

    with Best Wishes,


  2. Theo,
    it was a great pleasure meeting you a few months back, and have since found that your Blog has given me insight, with respect to my daily day trading strategies. Thank you for being you, and for sharing. Best wishes for 2011,

  3. Theo,

    You the man! Lets get this corporation up and running and you can stick it to the man! Thanks for the great stock advice

    Minneapolis, MN