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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Back in September I established a goal to gain 185% in 4 months.

As of January 14th my account performances were:

1: +67%
2: +35%
3: +26%

The motivation behind the 185%, outside of what I already mentioned, was that I wanted a specific portfolio value by this time. That is why I view this as a failure. (Obviously this type of performance in 4 months is not bad.)

On the positive side, I am very glad to see I maintained my trading discipline throughout, and I feel as if I did not miss opportunities. I did not change my trading behavior because I wanted more gains, or make a very risky trade 'in hope' to do better. Assessing risk properly, and acting on that assessment, has become second nature, and would not compromise on it.

Discipline is a bitch, but that bitch is my friend :)

Regardless, your only as good as your last trade, so keeping track like this is meaningless to me. (But I do want to see my total value of my portfolios at a specific level still.)

Happy Trading.

Note: From Sept. to Jan. I do not use leverage, and did not even come close to going on margin. The market conditions did not call for it, as they did during the summer. (I can count on one hand the times I went 'all-in' throughout the past few years.)

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