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Sunday, June 27, 2010

NatGas drilling the GasLand

Over the weekend I saw the new documentary GasLand. I have to say, I was glued to the TV. The kind of documented proof regarding the hazards of Nat. Gas drilling are difficult to dispute, but the industry is trying. They created to try to explain away, and discredit Josh Fox as a sensationalist. After reading the site, I have to say, ultimately the site is simply fluff.

When the fluff is stripped away, the argument boils down to the fact that "massive" pollution is not occurring. But that is only because Nat Gas drilling is not yet taking place in heavily populated areas.

I am a fan of using Natural Gas. I really am. But I just so happen to be an engineer that manages manufacturing discrepancies within THE MOST regulated industry (the Pharma/Biotech industry). Been doing so for 8 years, and understand when something is not regulated enough and when something is too regulated. The Nat. Gas drillers and distributors are not regulated enough.

The tangible evidence presented in this documentary blatantly shows the Natural Gas drillers are clearly not regulated enough. There is an extreme lack of safety, health and environmental standards.

The current state of the industry can not exist in its current form. There is simply too much health risk in densely populated areas. The industry will be forced to adapt just like the food industry changed when The Jungle was published.

(a PBS interview with Josh Fox)

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