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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gold charts

Below are the charts of Gold via the GLD. The daily indicates the stress from the double top, and the weekly indicates the same but on a longer horizon. The weekly is hovering around the Nov 2009 high, and has yet to break free from it.

Make no mistake, the uptrend is still very much intact, on both charts. But visible resistance is currently at hand.

Keep in mind:
I do not like trading GLD, even though I may do it from time to time purely on the technicals, because I can not make sense of the fundamentals. I can not see a trend-shifting stress the way I was able to see with Oil at 140-147. There is just so much more information available to a 'non-insider' commodity trader for the oil market to identify real upward stress. The way I identified the upward stress in oil is by correlating Oil's fundamental disconnect with the stress of its chart. (That spoke volumes to me to take a short trade on. ) I do not see the fundamental side of Gold so I can not truly assess if this is a peak.

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