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Monday, June 7, 2010

Gonna be interesting...

If the pre-market is a gauge to Monday's trading, looks like it will be interesting. Regardless, all of Wall Street was preparing for a horrible week (this week). Last I checked the SP500 futures were down about 9 points, and this should correlate to GS being down nicely too. The reason I highlight GS is because on Friday, Guy Adami (of Fast Money) brought to light GS' book value.

A quick look on Yahoo Finance reveals GS has a book value of 128.33. Analysts can argue until they are blue in the face regarding how a banks value their assets, but the one thing I do know is that GS has a very long history valuing its own assets extremely conservatively. So the 128 level is fairly legitimate.

GS currently trades at 142. With the sizable market decline expected, intraday action could lead GS to the high 130s. If this happens, I will be a buyer of GS.

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