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Thursday, June 24, 2010


I set up my trading capability quite nicely with respect to having a job that is completely not related to trading. But ever since my company got bought out by Pfizer, their IT monitoring system only allows certain 'activity-per-few-minutes' of use. (Despite the fact they let us use Facebook!)

Since I have my screens up all the time, and the way Yahoo Finance ads work, it constantly shuts me out of the Internet.

I was always able to work around it, but today it is frustrating me to no end.

At this point, I want to take a package, and trade full time with the proper high-frequency trading tools.


  1. Go for it Echo. Or, as my mentor once said to me, "faint heart never fucked a bobcat!". Your "feel" for markets is as spot-on as anyone I have encountered in 40+ years. More importantly, you've got great discipline.


  2. lol. Dan, ur the best. Considering I went to the school of the bobcats (NYU), ur mentor's saying resonates that much more.

  3. Agree 100% with above comment. Not only that... the PB post is 100% on to your discipline and game plan. If anyone understands the risk of your decision YOU do... so Best of luck to you... to manage it!!!

    I've been a market follower for 10 years.
    This is the ONLY site I seriously consider for a second, if not first opinion.

    Again, thank you for sharing your work!


  4. Matt, you are too kind. Many thanks.