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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Market Thought... nice

The move in the market is nice, and info from JPM bodes well for the financials to help this market. (Hence my liking of AXP :)

Keep in mind, this is a probability game. No harm in taking some profits. If there is a market level to do it, its now at the light resistance at 1170-1175 SP500.

I took some (stress 'some') profits in AAPL. But I am not actively shorting this market. I will do that around 1200.

The 'still giddy' thesis is still in play.


  1. Do you still like C at 4.25? Still own it?

    I'd appreciate your thoughts.

  2. sold it. i prefer AXP now. But with the market pushing higher, and the gov selling ending, I can see C pushing higher. (just don't know by how much)