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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the jumping bean... AXPW

AXPW.ob jumped today. Through my searching I found a few articles last week and this week that may have instigated the move.

Reuters reported this article on 10/07/2010, where numbers were provided, allowing investors to better estimate the potential market. Then it was echoed via the IBT today w/a copy of the 10/07/2010 article. The article also highlights AXPW.ob as a take over target.

If AXPW is a takeover target, management I am sure knows its worth. Especially when looking out to Grid Storage potential. Grid Storage is a potential trillion dollar industry. AXPW's technology allows for some serious improvement in lead-acid batteries, at minimal cost. It is proven for 'stop-start', but I have not seen data for grid storage. (Although one can infer if the technology can handle itself that well under a harsher condition via 'stop-start', it should do well via grid storage.)

If the potential market is a trillion, why shouldn't PbC tech be worth a billion?

(Still very speculative with out data in hand.)

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